Hotel Review: The Seminyak Beach Resort

written by shaylusive May 13, 2017
Hotel Review: The Seminyak Beach Resort

We spent a few days in Seminyak and picked The Seminyak Beach Resort Hotel as our accommodation. Located on the sandy beach, in close proximity to loads of restaurants and nightlife, and within walking distance to Seminyak town center, this hotel has two of its own restaurants serving delicious international cuisine, a fitness center, spa, free Yoga/Pilates sessions and free Wi-Fi.

The Room

When booking a room here bear in mind that guestrooms in the Garden Wing are in an entirely separate building across the street from the main hotel. You want to be booking a room in the Beach Wing, as these are located in the main hotel. FYI – the rooms in the Beach Wing do not directly overlook the beach. The hotel layout actually doesn’t have any ‘beach view’ rooms.

The hotel is stylish and minimalistic with Balinese touches. The main building has four open-air floors, beautiful landscaped gardens that separate the rooms from the beach, dotted with a couple thatch-roofed gazebos to sit and read in.

The guestrooms are a great size, with a little balcony overlooking the gardens. The bathroom definitely takes center stage; separated by a glass wall, porcelain freestanding tubs, walk in showers and handy amenity kits. The shower water pressure could have been better!

The dark hardwood floors and dressers work perfectly against cream walls and crisp white bedding. There’s a convenient switch to one side of the bed base that illuminates the bed base and controls the rest of the rooms ambience via mood lighting.

The Pool Area

The Seminyak Beach Resort has a beautiful swimming pool, which overlooks the ocean and beach. You can order drinks and food by the pool but one thing I will mention is being cautious of your mocktails/juices! I ordered a couple and they ALL came with tiny fruit spiders floating around – gross I know! At first I thought it was just a spider on the top frothy layer which must have got in the glass after the juice was made, but after carefully looking in the glass, I could see at least five spiders mixed in the juice! I don’t know if these spiders were from the fruit not being washed properly prior to juicing or if the juice had been left on the side for too long before being sent out to us, and thus, a couple of these spiders making their way into the glass! The more I think about it, I think it was a case of the fruit being stored in a basket or something on the side with these tiny spiders in them. Regardless, it completely put me off ordering any mocktails and I opted for bottles of water or coke instead.

Sanje Sunset Lounge, to the right of the pool, is a prime spot for cocktails served with perfect ocean views, especially at sunset.

There is also a beachfront wedding chapel – literally a storybook location facing the ocean!

Every day there is complimentary yoga sessions in the gardens which are really good but they feel more like Bikram Yoga due to the sheer humidity of Bali!

When you walk along the ocean front you can compare this hotel with its neighbors and one thing I noticed was the steps leading up to the hotel via the beach were really run down and not maintained to the same standard as the other hotels. There was cracking and foundation problems and generally was just a lot more messy looking than neighbouring hotels. Aside from that the hotel itself is lovely.

The Food

The breakfast buffet is fantastic! I mean, you literally have everything you need. From continental choices such as fresh fruit, pastries, to pancakes and waffles, delicious egg choices – I recommend the eggs benedict & avocado toast with poached egg! There is a huge selection of hot food serving everything from Balinese dishes to cooked English breakfasts. The fresh fruit juice is unlimited too and it was not filtered with water or sugars – no spiders either ha!

Breakfast was definitely a highlight for us, and we made it our business to get there around the 7am sharp so that we could spend a good 1.5 to 2 hours stuffing our faces. We basically had 7 courses for breakfast everyday!

We did have a couple of dinners here, which were equally as delicious as breakfast. So if you’re a fussy eater and want to make sure that you can have a decent meal in Bali then rest assured that The Seminyak Beach Hotel has you covered.


In terms of service, this hotel had a completely different vibe to The Kayon. We did not feel special at all – The Kayon really spoilt us! This just goes to show that just because a hotel is bigger in size and more ‘well known’ it doesn’t necessarily have better service! By all means don’t mistake my words for meaning this hotel had bad service because it definitely didn’t – we just, didn’t feel special!
We just felt like every other guest, there was no personal touch. Granted, anything we asked for we received, such as specific meal requests, private drivers, etc.


Would I stay in this hotel again? Yes and no. For me personally, I wouldn’t jump at the chance of staying in a hotel in Seminyak again if I were to visit Bali. The best way I can describe Seminyak is like a meeting ground for young backpackers &/or young adults who just want to drink every night and party. For us, this was not why we came to Bali.

You can easily have a day trip to Seminyak to visit the local shops and see what it’s all about.

If for whatever reason I were going to visit Seminyak again, I would probably try another hotel, in the same vicinity though, as location wise, it was perfect.

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