How to Use Your Mobile While Travelling

written by shaylusive February 19, 2017
How to Use Your Mobile While Travelling

It’s not easy to rack up expensive bills with international data charges. Whether you use your mobile phone for work or leisure, the following tips will help to avoid mobile/cell charges when travelling:


The first thing you should do before your flight leaves, is turn your phone on airplane mode and keep it like this for the duration of your trip. Your phone will now function like an iPod. You can access wifi while the phone is in airplane mode, and if for whatever reason you lose wifi signal, just stop at a local cafe or wait till you get back to your hotel room to re connect to wifi. You will also be able to use iMessage, WhatsApp and FaceTime, so you really don’t need to turn your mobile off flight mode.


If you feel like you need to use data when you travel call your server provider BEFORE heading on your trip and ask them to add an international data plan for the dates and countries you are traveling to.


Wait to connect to wifi and use FaceTime to video chat or make an audio call so you don’t have to use up any of your minutes. You can also send unlimited iMessages and WhatsApp when using wifi, so you don’t get charged for text messages.


Various companies provide these – a small pocket device that you can connect your phone or laptop to, to get wifi wherever you are. The signal isn’t always the greatest but its better than nothing. If ordering, I would order the extra battery for it so if you are out – you can pop in a new battery if needed. Don’t forget to charge it at night while you sleep so you have wifi for the entire next day! Great for families to, so multiple people can connect to one device.


If you have an unlocked iPhone when you arrive to a new country, you can purchase a local SIM card at the airport and switch it out to have a local phone plan for the duration of your trip.


There are a few things to help make sure you don’t end up with an expensive bill. The first is to turn off data roaming:

  • iPhone: Go to Settings → General → Network → slide Data Roaming, Cellular Data and Enable 3G to ‘off’.
  • Android: Go to Settings → Wireless Controls → Mobile Network Settings → uncheck Data Roaming.

And also make sure there are not automatic updates, app refreshing, push notifications and location services while you aren’t on wifi:

  • iPhone: Go to Settings → Privacy → Location Services → Toggle Location Service On / Off.
  • Android: Go to Settings → Location → Toggle Location Services On / Off.


I mean I know you want to document every moment of your trip – but sometimes it’s best to just enjoy where you are! You don’t need to post to your instagram feed or watch snapchat – wait till you get back to your hotel room and catch up with social media while relaxing in bed. You can take your picture or snapchat, and wait to edit and upload later. Don’t visit a destination to stare at your screen. Most likely whatever it is, you can wait.

Enjoy your travels!!

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