Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for Traveler’s

written by shaylusive May 13, 2017
Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for Traveler’s

When you’re on the go traveling the world, it’s not like you can haul heavy and expensive photo equipment wherever you go. So how do you capture unforgettable travel moments? These apps are impressive enough that even the layman can take a quality photo and add extra spice to a travel album.

Here are my top photo editing apps recommended for travelers!


  • iOS and Android

Snapped is a photo editing application launched in June 2011. It’s an all-around app for editing and retouching your photos with tools, including crop, rotate, and brighten. You can also apply various filters from grunge to glamour glow.

The app even includes a healing brush that removes unwanted photo bombers. This app is sure to not disappoint.


  • iOS, Android and Windows

Facetune is the photo editing app for your face. It was built for selfies and those close-up flashes in the touristy bar. Its tools let you remove blemishes, smooth skin, reshape your jaw line, and whiten teeth. If you’re not feeling your best, no worries—Facetune has got you covered.


  • iOS and Android

VSCO Cam is used by professional mobile photographers to take exceptional pictures. Often billed as “what Instagram used to be,” VSCO stands out from the rest of the free photo editing apps with an intensive arsenal of filters.

It’s easy to use and has a stylish yet minimalist interface.

VSCO is certainly no amateur when it comes to pro work—its staff has built filters for Adobe’s Lightroom desktop app and for Apple Aperture. Note that while the app is free, VSCO does have in-app purchases of filter packs.

Touch Retouch

  • iOS, Android, and Windows

Touch Retouch is an app that’s designed to deal with unwanted content in your photos. Is that skyscraper ruining your skyline? Are there too many tourists in front of the Pantheon? Do you have a nasty case of photobomb? You can easily make those things vanish by using Touch Retouch’s smart tech, which takes cues from the background to replace the missing piece.


  • iOS and Android

iWatermark is an app for photographers and designers. Simply upload your photo to the app, add a watermark of your choosing, and share on social media. Avoid the nasty surprise of finding your photos at an unauthorized URL.

You can apply a logo, signature, or QR code that protects your intellectual property instantly. The QR can hold up to 4,000 characters of information and can be read with a smartphone—a handy way for users to share contact info and promote their company.

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